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The learner will be able to:

  • List common treatments for patients trying to conceive. 

  • Identify common medications used in infertility treatment that impact oral health.

  • Describe how infertility treatments can affect oral health.

  • Determine the best practices for managing dental care in patients undergoing infertility treatment.

  • Differentiate between various physiological and environmental causes of infertility

This continuing education course provides a general exploration of infertility, a condition affecting many individuals and couples worldwide. The course begins with an introduction to infertility, defining the condition and discussing its prevalence and impact on affected individuals. Participants will gain an understanding of the various causes of infertility, including both male and female factors, as well as environmental and lifestyle influences.

The course then delves into the treatments available for infertility, covering a range of options from medication and lifestyle changes to advanced reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Each treatment modality will be discussed in terms of its mechanisms, success rates, and potential side effects.

A unique aspect of this course is its focus on the intersection of dental health and infertility treatments. Participants will learn about the dental considerations and potential oral health implications for patients undergoing infertility treatments. The course will highlight the importance of interdisciplinary care, emphasizing the role of dental professionals in supporting the overall health and well-being of patients dealing with infertility.

By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of infertility, its causes, and treatments, as well as the critical role of dental health in managing patients undergoing infertility treatment. This knowledge will enable healthcare providers to offer more holistic and informed care to their patients.

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Continuing Education Credits issued may not apply towards license renewal in all state/provinces. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the requirements of his/her state/provincial licensing board(s) and to self-report their continuing education hours earned

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