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Presented by:

Maxine Cordova, RDH, MSDH


  • The participant will be able to identify barriers to accessing dental care.

  • The participant will be able to evaluate solutions to barriers to dental care.

  • The participant will be able to plan and implement community outreach initiatives.

Course Description:

In our career and community, we have seen the impact of not having access to dental care. We have similarly felt the desire to make an impact in our community.
This course will provide the participant with strategies to implement public health initiatives, such as financing and acquiring resources. The course will also educate the participant about the variety of public health settings. Included in this course are examples of public health initiatives to combat disparities such as disabilities, ngeographic barriers, the cost of dental services, and the low dental health literacy.

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Continuing Education Credits issued may not apply towards license renewal in all state/provinces. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the requirements of his/her state/provincial licensing board(s) and to self-report their continuing education hours earned

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